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We offer a plethora of trainings to introduce Restorative Practices to communities, schools, and organizations. Our trainings incorporate short lectures, dyads, small group role plays, large group discussion, and community building games to engage participants in multiple levels of learning that keep you thinking and moving. Our goal is to keep the space interactive while giving participants hands-on practical skills to use right away.

Our Trainings

Training Resources

We give out a lot of resources in trainings, and suggest a lot of tools! If you are looking for a refresher about a resource we talked about in training, you can find a selection on our Resources page


ECRJC tries to practice equity in all we do, including pricing. As such, we will do our best to work with you to construct a training that meets the needs and budget of both your organization and our training team.

Request a Training

Want to request a specific training? Please fill out the following form! We need at least ten participants for our personalized trainings, and at least a month's notice to guarantee a place on our calendar. Thank you!

Request a Training
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