This page is for community information, support, and hope surrounding the CORONAVIRUS.  



Changes to Erie County Social Services

If you are a senior citizen, several programs and services have been suspended.


FeedMore WNY

 (716) 852-1305


 Amherst Meals on Wheels

(716) 636-3065


 and Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels

(716) 874-3595

and other community partners are helping.  

As we continue to get more information about service and resources, we will continue to place them on this page.  Come back and stay tuned.  We will try to inform and inspire you, give you a smile, and make this a time where we value what we have and move forward together.


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Coronavirus kindness article BBC News

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The Kindness Postcard

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Response to Love Center


Response to Love Center

Need for Donations

Sister Mary Johnice of the Response to Love Center provides meals to the homeless and the needy.  She is in need of the following items:

Cleaning Materials

Disinfectant Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Non-Perishable Items

She is also in need of volunteers.  If you are interested, go to

Meals on Wheels 


Meals on Wheels locations have taken on the task of feeding the elderly in Erie County during this pandemic.  If you are interested in supporting this group, please contact your local  Meals on Wheels at

Personal Response


The COVID-19 Epidemic has affected several people in many ways.  But in a time of great struggle, can come acts of great kindness.  We hope that you are inspired to help a neighbor in need, or an elderly person.   Maybe you want to make someone feel less isolated by sending cards or making videos to entertain others.  Maybe you want to play music or sing in unison.  No matter what you do, know that with each act, you inspire hops and display the best of human kind across the world.