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Provide Training

ECRJC has been providing trainings to schools, non-profit organizations, and community members in WNY and surrounding areas. 

Restorative Conferencing

ECRJC provides free conferencing in community and has partnered with the Center for Resolution and Justice and the Erie County District Attorney's Office, and the Buffalo Police Department to provide restorative conferencing to juvenile offenders.

Build and Educate Community

ECRJC offers education and information to the community through tabling, events such as Restorative Justice Day,

community trainings, community circles, and circle practice.  

Fuel research

ECRJC is working to develop research to emphasize the

need for restorative practices in schools, courts, and community.


ECRJC continues to advocate to alternatives to punitive justice in communities and schools as well as for restorative practices to be used to increase relationships between various community stakeholders.

ECRJC has partnered with community agencies, such

as Mission Ignite, Americorps,

and several other community stakeholders to bring initiatives 

such as the Youth Impact

Company, Peace, Love and Power,  HOPE, and CBF. 

To support our community work please donate by clicking the button below:

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Or if you would choose to send check or money order, please pay it to Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition and mail it to:

Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition

567 Hertel Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14207

**ECRJC is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the

Internal Revenue Code.  

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