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"The justice process belongs to the community”
- Howard Zehr


Reinforcing the importance of positive relationships is essential to the development of a strong community.

Positive relationships lay the foundation for cooperation, skill development, and learning.

Restorative Practices in Communities

Restorative Practices can:

  • Resolve conflict in communities

  • Foster & improve relationships

  • Build coalitions & community groups

  • Empower people to make positive change in their communities

  • Facilitate positive & stable communities

Ways we use RP in communities:

  • Community circles

  • Circle practice with local groups & organizations

  • Youth empowerment groups

  • Building restorative relationships between community members

  • Using Restorative Practices & circles to resolve conflicts within communities


Restorative circles

  • Are a way to bring people together and build relationships

  • Are a form of community dialogue

  • Facilitate community building

  • Are an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with one another

  • Reduce & remove the barriers between people

  • Facilitate collaboration & connection

  • Encourage responsibility, respect, & inclusion

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