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What do we do now?

It is November 11, 2020, we are past election week, and a winner has been declared. Even so, there is so much work that needs to be done. In these past four years, so many things have been highlighted about our nation. Morals and values have been tested, and not just our political beliefs, as we delve into hot issues such as immigration, racism, public health, and policing. And we seem more divided as ever as a country, with family, friend, neighbor, and coworker relationships ending. This election uncovered how polarized we are as a nation, as the two Presidential competitors running a very close race. So in a time where we are in desperate need of connection, what do we do now?

It has been said in many articles that we, as Americans, need to have deep discussion across the party line. Some feel greater leadership needs to take the lead. An Article by Yaffa Frederick mentioned that it goes beyond just the American Public. The importance of politicians also coming together and enacting laws around issues the majority agrees with. Others feel maybe we need to find commonalities as humans that connect us first and then work on the rest. Either way, we all have to put in the work for us to be able to more forward as a nation.

Here as ECRJC, we believe in the power of creating safe spaces to have deep conversation and empowering communities through voice. We know, however, that this is not all that we need. We would like to open this space to allow you to share what you feel would be needed help address the American divide. Please share your ideas. We just ask that it be constructive in a way that it facilitates respectful and tangible plans.

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