- abuk's summer '18 .

- prologue . 

Stereotypical Beauty Standards

-I stood in the mirror a few times today

-All I could see is the reflection in portrayed

-Mirror Mirror on the wall, show me a world where I belong

-It showed me a world that seemed to perfect

-From my own eyes I could see beneath it's surface

-These people are a bunch of walking mirrors, nothing but reflections, it was all the same

-Mirror Mirror I thought you were wise

-Why show me a world that's washed with lies

-These mirrored images portrayed so well

-The truth was trapped behind a cell

-A world that others saw was complete perfection

-I saw a world of rejection, subjection, complete neglection, a world of imperfection, because of my complexion

-If you could read in between the lines you'll see this mirror is flawed.

-Mirror Mirror on the wall, you did not show me a world where I belong

-This world is a broken mirror, full of shattered hearted and bleeding gums 

-Mirror Mirror on the wall 

-I'll throw this stone and glass shall fall

-There are a billion puzzles where I don't fit 

-Is there any kind of world where I exist?

-Broken mirror on the wall

-How can I stand when I was taught to fall

-The fixed lie come to complete my story

-Now a shattered image that hides my glory

-Shattered Mirror on the wall

-You broke my image but most of all

-You claimed to have set me free, that was a stone cold lei between your teeth

-These mental shackles, chains, and ropes around my neck

-All for the redneck to keep me in check

-Shattered mirror on the wall 

-I was never really free after all

-And I stand alone, with these mental bruises around my throat, gasping for air

Mirror Mirror 

By Naim Dunbar

Welcome to my page! My name is Naim Dunbar, and this week I will be discussing my view on the stereotypical beauty standards that dominates our mainstream media and society. I wrote a poem titled "Mirror Mirror." In my poem I use a lot of references and metaphors, and repetition. The constant saying of "Mirror Mirror" in my poem is a to nag at Snow White, how she is seen is put on the pedestal of what "Beauty" in our society should look like. Then we have our Princess Tiana (Our only African American Disney princess) who has a place at the very bottom    

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